diane PM Aging is a topic that many of us don’t want to discuss. It’s happening to all of us right now, yet we are embarrassed or afraid to talk about the changes that occur in our bodies and in our minds. Here at Ageless Medicine, we are trying to open this conversation about this hyper-relevant topic to inform and provide solutions to many symptoms that are all to often dismissed as normal signs of aging. The following bioidentical hormone success story is yet another brave and powerful account of how anti-aging therapies can change your life and the way you age.

If it isn’t clear from her stunning photograph, Diane O’Bryan’s words below are a testament to the power of anti-aging medicine.

Thank you, Diane for opening up and sharing your story. We are so happy that we were able to help you, and we commend you for helping others with this.

Diane’s Story:

I am 59 years old.  I was in full-blown menopause at age 50 and had been feeling progressively worse year after year.  I complained to my doctor and gynecologist and would do a lot of research on ways to combat the aging process but could never find the catalyst for all my symptoms (hot flashes, low libido, belly fat and insomnia).  I was at a dinner with the Rossellis and overheard Adriana talking about how important testosterone was to women.  I was very interested since I had been aware of this during my research but could not get my doctor to take me seriously.  After that conversation I was immediately interested and had my blood work done.  When I brought the script to my lab I was impressed with the number of things that were about to be tested and already felt encouraged.  Sure enough I had a lot of deficiencies.  I had the pellets implanted by Dr. Rosselli and the first week was a bit scary.  I had many more hot flashes and was extremely moody.  I chalked it up to my body acclimating itself to the pellets.  Sure enough week 2 was the beginning of the new me!!  As if a light switch was flipped my hot flashes were GONE.  I am also taking progesterone, which I was told would help with my insomnia.  Remarkably, I have been sleeping very well.

The “jury is still out” on the belly fat. I do have more energy and have begun to actually see the pounds coming off.  I am 8 weeks in and just had blood work done again and am happy to report that my levels have come way up.  I am beginning to feel like my “younger self” again.  For me, this has dramatically changed my life.  Up until then, I was resigned to the fact that aging was taking its toll on me and there was nothing I could do about it.  Ageless Medicine changed all that!!  Thank you.

No, thank you, Diane.

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