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The following hormone replacement success story is one that is very dear to Ageless Medicine of the Palm Beaches. Adriana Rosselli opens up below about her personal reasons for beginning bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

Adriana’s Story:

“I try to share my hormone replacement success story with many women I know because I am so fortunate to have begun hormone treatment when I did. My story is very personal, but if I hadn’t started in 2012, I don’t know where I would be today. I have always taken good care of my body and myself.  I go to the gym regularly and eat well. In 2012 I even competed in my 2nd figure competition and won first place.

Shortly after that, my twin sons left for college, and I noticed a change in the way I felt. I slowly started feeling a bit down, had no interest in the gym anymore, and had terrible joint pain. I was tired all the time, had trouble concentrating and focusing, and felt extremely foggy in my brain. I began taking ADHD medication at the suggestion of my doctor, and I kept thinking maybe I needed an increase in the dosage, as I was just not feeling any better. I started feeling so down that I just sat on the couch and didn’t want to see or talk to anyone. I made all kinds of excuses to Matteo for not wanting to go out on the boat or anywhere with anyone. I started gaining weight, my libido was completely gone, and I fell into what felt like depression. I finally shared with Matteo what I was feeling and what I had been hiding from him.

Now, you don’t know me but if you did you would be shocked by this sudden change in character because I am a very positive, energetic, outgoing person who has always maintained a high level of fitness and loved to socialize. After this change, all I did was cry. I went to a therapist who told me I was suffering from mild depression, and he helped me thru it. Still feeling tired and having so much joint pain I decided to have some blood work taken. That was when I found out my hormones were off. In fact, my testosterone was completely non-existent! My doctor then suggested hormone replacement therapy in the form of pellets.

Aging Well is Indeed a Science…

I like to do research and educate myself on anything I am dealing with, so I learned that all the symptoms from which I was suffering were all related to low testosterone. Women are diagnosed with depression all too often and they are given antidepressants, which lower their libido even more! More often than not, what these women are really suffering from is a decline in testosterone.

Once my hormones were correctly balanced I started noticing swift improvements. I went back to the gym and lost the weight. My skin now looks amazing, and I am happy and full of energy. I am 49 but am constantly being mistaken for younger. My libido is way up, joint pain is gone, and I am no longer on ADHD medication. I receive my hormone pellets every 3 months. If I let it go longer I start feeling tired and achy and start losing interest in sex, so I am utterly convinced that my hormone replacement therapy is indeed an anti-aging miracle. Ageless Medicine checks my labs often to make sure my levels are normal, and we alter my treatment as needed.Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Jupiter, FL

Adriana’s Hormone Replacement Success!

My daughter (my youngest) left for college this past fall, Sept 2014, and I handled it very well. No depression and no sitting on the couch! I really wish more women would have the appropriate testing to figure out if a hormone therapy success story is in their future. If they did they would feel so great and realize how beneficial it is.

Our body needs hormone replacement as we get older. We do not have to age in a way that makes us uncomfortable, sick, or depressed. That whole idea that feeling that way is normal and part of aging at our age is just not true.

I am a true believer in hormone replacement success, and I hope that my story can help anybody out there who feels the way I once did.”

-Adriana Rosselli

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