Hydration Therapy

IV Hydration Therapy

In partnership with the RevitalIV, South Florida’s premier IV hydration clinic now open at 6390 W. Indiantown Rd in Jupiter, our IV Hydration Therapies use a minimally-invasive procedure to intravenously deliver fluids, vitamins, and/or medications directly to your bloodstream to relieve the accumulating effects of mild to moderate dehydration.

IV Hydration Therapy is best-suited for those suffering from the accumulative effects of dehydration, such as:

  • Hangover
  • Cold & Flu
  • Jet Lag
  • Extreme Athletics
  • Overexertion in the heat

IV Hydration Therapy Menu

See the RevitalIV treatment menu HERE for more information about their packaged treatments and also their customized RevitalIV IV hydration therapies. Also included are suggestions for “Boosters” that can be added to the treatment to expedite the rehydration process. These boosters can be added to any treatment for a nominal fee.

RevitalIV’s IV Hydration Treatments are performed by certified medical staff at Ageless Medicine’s Jupiter clinic. We also offer concierge service–our staff will travel to your location so you can experience these treatments in the comfort, privacy, and convenience of your own home/hotel/work (call for details).

Call RevitalIV today to schedule your appointment: 561-406-2202

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