Top Three New Year's Resolutions and Hormone Therapy

Two of the top New Year’s Resolutions every year are to:

1. Lose Weight
2. Spend More Time with Family

These goals seem somewhat simple, but many have found them almost impossible to achieve. January usually begins strong as February, March, and April begin to taper off until your next year’s resolutions begin to take form. It’s a vicious cycle that ends up failing to produce anything but more stress about goals that you were, yet again, unable to fulfill.

This New Year, Ageless Medicine of the Palm Beaches wants to help you follow through with your resolutions. Losing weight is a goal that lines up directly with the benefits of hormone replacement therapies. But, even spending more time with your family is possible, as Ageless Medicine’s treatments increase your vitality–giving you the energy you need to spend quality time with your loved ones.

Here’s how:

Hormone Replacement Therapy and Weight Loss

Hormones have a huge role in weight management. When imbalances occur, we can experience weight gain and a lack of motivation that leads us to exercise less. A lack of physical activity can compound the problem by resulting in more weight gain. As we age, our hormone levels begin to drop, increasing our body’s propensity to gain weight faster.

Luckily, hormone replacement therapy can help. Many studies have been done on the effectiveness of hormone replacement and weight loss. One even found that “combined hormone replacement therapy not only prevented weight-gain, but favored weight-loss by significantly increasing lipid oxidation after 3 months of treatment. It also favourably influenced the insulin response, plasma lipids and energy expenditure” (read more on this study here). Learning how to balance your hormones can help you to lose weight, and keep it off. But, there is an added benefit to hormone replacement therapy that is not generally listed as a key benefit of an anti-aging treatment program.

Hormone Replacement and Your Family

The benefits of hormone replacement therapy are regularly touted as advantages that both increase your health and decrease your physical age. However, many proponents of these anti-aging treatments usually stop short at the physical and mental benefits. A decrease in body fat and an increase in muscle tone will surely help to turn back the hands of time, but HRT moves beyond aesthetic and physical benefit. An increase in energy, improved concentration, and normalized sleep patterns have supplementary benefits that affect our personal lives in ways that move outside of our own bodies. Optimizing our health allows us the time to focus more on the important people in our lives–instead of the sometimes debilitating symptoms that might keep us focused only on ourselves. Spending time with our loved ones gets easier, as our New Year’s resolutions begin to become part of our normal routine.

This New Year, take the preliminary steps you need to take to fulfill your goals. While hormone replacement therapies are not for everybody, they can make a world of difference for somebody with an imbalance. If you are planning to begin an anti-aging therapy, make sure to contact a physician who specializes in hormone therapies.

Dr. Rosselli at Ageless Medicine of the Palm Beaches understands the complexities involved with prescribing hormonal therapy treatments. By taking a comprehensive approach that includes a full medical history and extensive testing, Ageless Medicine of the Palm Beaches provides the safest and most effective means for treating your symptoms.

Happy New Year! Take your life back in 2016!

Dr. Matteo Rosselli

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Dr. Matteo RosselliDr. Matteo Rosselli’s priority is to provide the safest and most effective strategies for slowing the aging process and restoring the youthful vitality that decreases as we age. He believes that the integration of revolutionary medical research with his patients’ individual health profiles is the most optimal method for prescribing anti-aging medicine programs that will produce effective results.

His revolutionary syntheses of Hormone Replacement, Cosmetic Medicine, Vitamin Supplementation, and IV Hydration Therapies are drastically reducing age-related disease and symptoms, while restoring a youthful and beautiful energy to his patients.