The one symptom I notice more than any when I consult with menopausal women about hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is FEAR. Despite their physical, mental, and emotional symptoms first-time patients at Ageless Medicine of the Palm Beaches are suffering from, it is only their fear that is palpable to me as they list their symptoms and ask about their options. This fear, while warranted, tends to compound the already debilitating symptoms of menopause, such as: exhaustion, hot flashes, memory problems, depression, and more. And,unfortunately, I think this fear is attributed to the confusing information that is available to women today. Below, I will discuss the benefits of HRT to open up this important conversation.


While menopause does end fertility, women can still live a perfectly healthy, vital, and sexual life. However, the physical, mental, and emotional symptoms can be overwhelming for some women. In addition to the symptoms above, low energy and weight gain can dramatically slow the body down. These physical symptoms can be paired with or even contribute to mental and emotional symptoms, such as depression.

Menopause and HRT:

The most important thing a woman can do when going through the natural process of menopause is inform herself about her options. There are many effective treatments available for menopausal symptoms that range from lifestyle adjustments to hormone therapy. At Ageless Medicine of the Palm Beaches, we discuss all of these options during our consultation appointments. It is absolutely necessary to develop a customized plan for each patient, as no patient is alike. Treating one woman’s weight loss with hormone replacement therapy is not the most effective route for a woman who may be able to lose the weight through a lifestyle exercise/nutrition plan. But, some bodies need more of an intervention. And, it is in these cases that a conversation about Menopause and HRT should be had.

HRT Benefits:

In women, hormone replacement therapy engenders an improved libido, increased energy, and the production of red blood cells. It boosts mood, and aids in cognition and awareness. It also helps to reduce age-related body fat.

More benefits include:

  • Healthier Heart and Blood
  • More Muscle
  • Stronger Bones
  • Improved concentration
  • Healthy Sleep Patterns
  • Strengthened and Maintained bone density
  • Increased Strength and Athletic Performance
  • Improved Mood
  • Improves Insulin Sensitivity
  • Heightened Motivation
  • Increased Sense of Well-being

Erasing the Fear of Menopause and HRT:

While it is easy to see from the information above that the benefits of hormone replacement therapy is a clear choice for women undergoing menopause, the choice to begin an HRT program is not an easy one and should not be based only on information you read on the internet. It is absolutely necessary to weigh the risks and benefits with a physician who provides all of the following:

  • Complete medical history and lifestyle assessment
  • Physical examination
  • Comprehensive blood work
  • Strength and flexibility assessment
  • Body mass indexing

After a comprehensive review of your medical state, a physician should have a conversation with you about your options. If you should decide to move forward with a hormone replacement treatment, this program should be custom tailored to you and your body, as well as your needs. There is no need to fear the natural process of menopause or the treatments that are available to you today. Being informed and choosing an appropriate and certified provider will empower you to live the healthy life you were meant to live.

Call Ageless Medicine today to schedule an appointment with me. I look forward to easing your fears and giving you as much information as I can.

Thank you,

Dr. Matteo Rosselli

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